80V Battery Forklifts

Battery Forklifts is a front-drive horizontal balance forklift with high speed ratio drive axle box assembly for higher working efficiency.

● Horizontal handling
● Block stacking
● loading / unloading goods

Hand Pallet

The 1.0-2.0 ton hand pallet is designed to accommodate a wide range of storage and material handling;.

● Simple and reliable, it is a powerful tool for logistics and transportation;
● economical and practical, cost-effective;
● professional and easy to operate;

Diesel Generator – 500KVA

We produce and export 8-2000kw diesel generator sets.

Diesel generator sets are widely used in field construction, high-rise buildings, schools, hospitals, industrial and mining enterprises, farms, villages and other places where electricity is needed.

MF Series Stand On Type Reach Truck 1.5T

The gantry can be moved forward or retracted as a whole, with a small body and turning radius and higher efficiency.

Applicable to:
Medium storage density, high turnover rate conditions;
Stacking in narrower channels.

Alleluia Ministries inlisted the services of Diversifex, hired the material to assist with their social responsible investment, during the peak of the challenging Covid-19 pandemic.

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