Diversifex was established in 2013 as an industrial equipment rental company to services the construction industry with plant and earth moving equipment.

Investments, which also owes Diversifex IT and Diversifex Property.
As part of a dynamic and innovative holding company, we pride ourselves on quality products and excellent service. We have resourceful partners within the country to ensure minimal turnaround time whether on delivery of equipment, machine parts or technical services. We have distribution and OEM agreement with several manufacturers to ensure competitive pricing and best value for our clients.

Diversifex are fully qualified and competent in the products that we supply and have a full team ready to assist if the need arises.


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D iversifex has three separate divisions, each with a unique business strategy and customer centric approach, all equipment is available for purchase, short and long term rental:. In 2018, We received our cheque handover from Sasol South Africa today for just under R29 million rands. They have been instrumental in ensuring that our business receives financial and business support.

The Diversifex management and technical teams embarked on a trip to China not only to sign a full partnership but also to get full OEM support , training ,technical support ,product support training , and all were found competent and fully qualified ,