We believe in the implementation of the latest technologies in earthmoving equipment to enforce efficiency.

Our Company Values

Ubuntu – we can never achieve anything worthwhile if we don’t treat each other as human beings irrespective of our skin colour. This is an African meaning that encapsulates a quality of essential human virtues, compassion and humanity.

Integrity – We seek to remain honest in all our business dealings, to our customers, our shareholders, transparent and consistent at all times.

Commitment – we surround ourselves with people who share a passionate commitment around our common purpose and everything else is possible.


To become a credible & trustworthy company that strives to add value to our customers Strong partnerships with credible partners is a key success factor in our business. We aim to leverage of the experience and expertise of our partners.


To build a self-sustainable company that will aid in the development of the African continent and contribute towards up skilling black young people in the industry we operate in.

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